Why you need the best quality access equipment in Bendigo

The importance of workplace safety cannot be underestimated, particularly when working at heights. If your business is due to upgrade its access equipment in Bendigo, quality and reliability should be your two highest priorities.

At LTS Forklifts, we are a proud supplier of premium brand Haulotte access equipment in Bendigo. Haulotte, the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of access equipment, is renowned for the user friendliness and safety of its products.

We stock a huge range of access equipment to serve just about any purpose and help your workers stay safe and increase their efficiency. For the big jobs, we have a 26-metre articulated boom, and for lesser heights you’ll find a premium Haulotte six-metre scissor lift.

Powered by battery, diesel and dual power options, Haulotte access equipment is available for indoor and outdoor use. When you buy your Bendigo access equipment at LTS Forklifts, you receive great quality machinery and Haulotte’s guaranteed reliability and extended service life.

It should go without saying why it’s crucial to ensure your workers stay safe while working at heights. And you can go one step further to ensuring worker safety by investing in Haulotte access equipment in Bendigo.