Rental fleet for food processing mill

After extensive negotiations, LTS recently delivered a new fleet of seven new 2.5 ton forklifts to a Food Processing Mill. LTS Forklifts were chosen as the new supplier ahead of the existing incumbent for a number of reasons including service, performance, and a keen eye to detail. Through the extensive discussions and site meetings we were able to make suggestions and specify a forklift that enhanced safety, decreased running costs, improved functionality, and enhanced production.

These forklifts have saved the client more than $600 from the fuel account in the first month so over the term the decision to rent from LTS Forklifts will save the client over $35,000.00 from the fuel account alone. Other features include modifications to suit drive-in racking, inbuilt digital weight gauges, speed limiting, auto shut down, high viz paint, driver identification, Operator Presence Systems, and Engine system protection.

The busy nature of this Mill requires a strong and robust forklift to cope with the workload and service to support it and LTS Forklifts is well placed to deliver.