Servicing keeps industrial cleaning equipment in peak condition

Industrial cleaning equipment is made to stand tough in the harshest industrial conditions – but that doesn’t mean it’s not working hard. We recommend regularly servicing industrial cleaning equipment as the best way to keep your workspace clean, safe and efficient.

Our huge range of industrial cleaning equipment includes vacuum cleaners and high-powered pressure washers, designed for use in some of the toughest industrial conditions you can imagine. From automotive workshops to food and beverage manufacturing lines, hospitals, healthcare centres, warehouses, factories and construction sites – our equipment takes on the tough cleaning jobs.

We stock the world-renowned Kärcher brand, which is specifically designed for powerful cleaning results. Whether you’ve got wet or dry mess, Kärcher products ensure safe working conditions and keep your business compliant with hygiene standards and regulations.

The best way to ensure you get the longest and most effective service life from your industrial cleaning equipment is to maintain regular servicing. This helps avoid preventable breakdowns and reduces overall maintenance costs.

As part of our dedication to top-quality products and service, we will happily service industrial cleaning equipment purchased from us. We recommend you book in for regular servicing – and please contact us immediately should your equipment break down while in use. We can also provide a variety of spare parts and accessories, including nozzles and hoses.

Talk to us about servicing your cold and hot water pressure washers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and more.