Racking system supports access equipment in Bendigo

With more than 25 per cent of the workforce involved in the retail, warehousing and manufacturing industries, our racking system works hand-in-hand with access equipment in Bendigo – making life easier and safer for businesses and workers.

For cost-effective and safe warehousing you can’t go past the combination of specialised access equipment and the Safety Lock pallet rack system. LTS Equipment is a trusted seller and distributor of this unique racking system, designed by Australians to suit the specific conditions of our industry.

Choosing the right pallet racking makes a huge difference to your bottom line. The Safety Lock system is specially designed and built, using high-grade, high-tensile steel for greater strength and reliability. With the added ability to bear increased load stress, Safety Lock also protects employees from injury risk.

The hard-wearing materials also require lower maintenance, saving your business valuable time and money in repairs and avoiding costly downtime.

No matter the type of warehousing – from cold to dry storage, narrow-aisle or raised storage areas – talk to us about how Safety Lock pallet racking works with specialised access equipment to improve efficiency and ensure worker safety.

You can also choose to customise your Safety Lock racking to represent your corporate branding and identity. Please contact us to find out more.