How to choose between high pressure cleaners

Not all high pressure cleaners are the same, and the model you choose should depend on the tasks you are wanting your high pressure cleaner to do and the results you want it to achieve. LTS Equipment are the experts when it comes to high pressure cleaners and we have put together a list of things to consider when you are looking to purchase a high pressure cleaner.

There are two main categories of high pressure washers or cleaners. The first is cold water high pressure washers, the second it hot water high pressure washers.

Cold water high pressure cleaners

Cold water high pressure cleaners rely on the pressure of the water and any detergents used rather than than hot water to do its job. The cleaning action and detergent works to remove any dirt, oil and grease from a surface.

You may consider a cold water high pressure cleaner because they are generally less expensive and there are no water heating costs to factor in.

Hot water high pressure cleaners

In contrast to the cold water versions, hot water high pressure cleaners allow for lower water pressure, less detergent and less cleaning time to achieve the desired cleaning result. You also get a faster cleaning and drying time and an added antibacterial action when hot water is used in the process. Hot water high pressure cleaners are also great for sensitive surfaces.

The type of high pressure cleaner you choose is up to you. Both types of cleaners do a fantastic job when it comes to cleaning dirt, grease, moss, oil and other surface grime, and both have their own benefits. Talk to our friendly team at LTS Equipment if you have any questions about high pressure cleaners. We are only too happy to help!