Spitwater keeps Wagga Wagga industries clean

If you’re looking for Spitwater products in Wagga Wagga, you’ve found your supplier! We are the local suppliers for the national brand of cleaning equipment.

Construction and manufacturing are two of the major industries in Wagga Wagga, with more than 15% of the local workforce employed in these two categories. And both construction and manufacturing are listed in the top five most productive industries from a list of 19 categories*.

The good news is, construction and manufacturing are also two of our top industries we supply Spitwater cleaning equipment to! That’s because Spitwater makes its equipment tough, to stand up to the test of cleaning large-scale manufacturing equipment and mud-caked construction equipment and trucks.

You won’t be left wondering what the fuss is about, the Spitwater difference is clear to see. From blasting clay-caked bobcat tyres clean through to sterilising a production line, we will help you choose the right model for your specific workplace and needs. Whether you work on the road, on-site or in a factory, there will be the pressure cleaner or vacuum you need to get the job done to sparkling standards! Tradies do it tough, but not when it comes to cleaning!

Contact us for more information about Spitwater for your industry in Wagga Wagga.

*Data from the Business Wagga Wagga Economic Snapshot 2015.