Pressure cleaners get the eco treatment

Karcher’s new Eco!ogic series of high pressure cleaners includes a new ECO mode to help you save water and money. Recognising that not all tasks require the full power of Karcher water pressure, ECO mode allows users to select when and where to use full power, and where water, electricity and money can be saved.

With the press of a button, users can choose to use up to 20% less water – perfect for jobs that don’t require the highest pressure. The advanced technology of the Eco!ogic pressure cleaners means you achieve the same great clean using less water.

The same principle applies for electricity. ECO mode allows users to pick which jobs need the full power of the Karcher technology, and which jobs are lower intensity – saving up to 20% energy in the process.

The new range, including models K 3 to K 7, boasts several other environmentally friendly features and benefits. Almost 60% of the plastics used in Karcher pressure cleaners are recycled, with the remainder sourced from sustainable forestry. The Eco!ogic range uses the patented Karcher jet technology – meaning cleaning is up to 50% faster. The higher efficiency means more savings in water and electricity usage – and ultimately more savings for the consumer.

For more information on the Eco!ogic series of pressure cleaners, please contact the team at Karcher.