Permanent lift truck hire Bendigo industries need to grow

We provide lift truck hire in Bendigo and surrounds, helping key industries grow and get the job done with access to affordable equipment such as lift trucks. Bendigo’s population is growing and as such, the retail sector and other industries are growing to accommodate more people and jobs. In fact, the retail industry in Greater Bendigo is the second-largest in terms of employment with 5170 jobs*.

It’s important businesses have access to affordable equipment as they grow, to preserve their cash flow and drive business forward. That’s why we provide permanent or long-term lift truck hire. Almost every retail warehouse needs a lift truck, it’s an essential piece of equipment to move stock!

When you permanently hire a machine from us, it is your responsibility to keep up with normal servicing and scheduled maintenance. This means you should perform a daily pre-start checklist and operating inspection to make sure the machine is operating safely and consistently. Check the fuel, fluid, oil and the battery. Inspect the machine visually and then start it to check its operation.

We do provide lift truck servicing and maintenance and it is the responsibility of the permanent hirer to book it in with us or another provider.

If you need a forklift indefinitely, please contact us to book a machine for your workplace.

*Data from Economic Profile.