Kärcher Scrubber Drier BR 35/12 C


The Kärcher Scrubber Drier BR 35/12 C brings the latest technology to the forefront of the cleaning industry and into your business, making floor-cleaning a breeze. It works like a floor cleaner and wet vacuum cleaner in one, with a brush head and squeegee. The 360-degree rotating brush head cleans efficiently and reaches difficult spots.

The easy operation feels like driving a car.

Because the brush rotates all the way around, you can clean backwards! If you are in a tight spot and cannot turn the machine around, simply rotate the brush head around and pull the machine backwards. The brush and squeegee are always pointing in the right direction, which is a unique feature. The brush and squeegee work at 100% of the width, all the time.

The brush cleans and scrubs floors while the squeegee dries. You can turn the machine 90 degrees away from a wall, which makes cleaning narrow spaces easier.

The Kärcher Scrubber Drier BR 35/12 C uses new battery technology – the lithium-ion battery lasts three times longer than regular batteries and is lightweight, ensuring the machine is not too heavy. The tank can be removed in one second and the handle folds down for streamlined transportation.

Innovation is driven by customer demand.

We are now stocking these incredible machines which will make cleaning at your business even easier. Perfect for janitors and other commercial cleaning. Please contact us to discuss shipping to your location in Australia.