How to renew your high-risk work licence in NSW

A current licence to perform high-risk work is required in NSW and across the country if you want to perform tasks which are deemed more dangerous than others. For example, providing customer service or working on a register in a retail shop is not deemed as high-risk work. While these jobs might present other challenges, they do not usually pose a threat to your physical safety. However, operating a forklift out the back of a retail shop in the warehouse is deemed as high-risk work. You are dealing with high-powered machinery, heavy pallets filled with stock, heights and pedestrians. There is a heightened level of risk involved and as a result the person operating forklifts in the warehouse needs to hold a current licence which indicates they have passed the relevant training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

If you are driving forklifts in NSW, make sure your licence is up-to-date. Two months before your licence is due to expire NSW WorkCover will send you an application to renew your licence. It’s important you complete this and pay the renewal fee as soon as possible to ensure your licence doesn’t expire before you get around to it (we all know how fast two months can fly by!). Once your form has been completed take it into your nearest Australia Post post office to be identified and submit the application. You’re not allowed to send someone else to submit it on your behalf as it is a requirement that you show appropriate identification. High-risk work is no joke, so make sure you keep your licence and skills up-to-date!

Click the image above to open the full PDF version of NSW WorkCover’s renewal application information sheet about renewing your licence. More information can be found on the NSW WorkCover website. Please contact us for information about forklifts in NSW, we have sales and forklift hire available.