How often should I check and service my forklift?

Did you know LTS Forklifts is a division of LTS Equipment and we have branches in four locations, including Wagga Wagga in NSW? Our Wagga Wagga branch provides forklift servicing to keep your machine working in peak condition between services. So how often should you check and service your forklift? And what’s the difference between performing a routine check and scheduled servicing?

A routine check should be performed daily or before each time you use your forklift. A routine check only takes about 10 minutes, but it is essential to ensure your own safety and the safety of other staff who might operate the machine throughout the day. Before you start the machine you need to check the oil and water levels and simply top them up or replace them if they’re running low. You should also check all lights – this is particularly important because the indicators and brake lights show the movements of the forklift which is important for other people in working in the vicinity. Lastly, check the machine for general damage, including the wheels, the seat, frame, seatbelts and any other parts.

Your daily pre-start checklist should not replace scheduled forklift servicing which should be done at least once every six months, depending on the hours of usage. Scheduled servicing should be undertaken by trained professionals who can maintain and replace any parts and ensure your forklift is safe to continue operating.

If you’re based in or near Wagga Wagga, book forklift servicing with LTS Forklifts and prolong the life of your machine. Contact us for enquiries and to be added to our schedule.