Industrial strength cleaners

Industrial pressure washers are designed to be more powerful than the dirt and grime you need to clean in the toughest – and dirtiest – of industries.

We have stocked Spitwater pressure cleaners for over 12 years because of their superior product quality and specifications to get the job done with ease.

Industries that commonly use Spitwater industrial electric pressure washers include:

  • Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Engineering

Primary industries including: agriculture, horticulture, agribusiness, fishing, aquaculture, forestry and all mining and quarrying industries.
Use our Spitwater industrial electric pressure washers for:

  • Washing
  • Degreasing
  • Descaling
  • Disinfecting.

We stock a wide range of Spitwater Electric Industrial Pressure Cleaners in both hot and cold water models.

If cleaning in your industry is difficult or a problem, please contact us to discuss which cleaner would best suit your needs. We ship Australia-wide.