Pressure cleaners for farming

Farms and farm machinery are never short of grease and grime – tractors, shearing sheds, cattle yards, farm vehicles, motorbikes – so many areas need cleaning and require more than a quick hose down. Buying a pressure cleaner will not only save you time, it will save you money and have your machinery and farm areas looking clean and in great shape.

Consider the below points when you buy:

  • Water Temperature. Cold water pressure washers work well for removing dirt and are fine for most applications. If the surface you’re cleaning has oil or grease on it you’ll need a hot water unit.
  • Gas or Electric? Gas-powered pressure washers are portability and powerful – they are great for outdoor work. These units can only be used outside as the engines emit carbon monoxide. Electric pressure washers are low maintenance and quiet, although, as they need a power source, their mobility is limited.
  • Maintenance. Pressure washers require regular maintenance such as routine oil changes and replacing worn parts (belts, nozzles, hoses).
  • Detergents. Detergents can dramatically reduce cleaning time and help remove tough stains, grease, and dirt. Apply the solvent with a low-pressure spray and let it soak into the surface to break down dirt and grime. Many pressure washer detergents are customized for specific cleaning chores.
  • Nozzles and Tips. Many units feature nozzles with a variable spray pattern, while others have individual quick-connect tips with a preset spray angle. The size of the nozzle influences both pressure and flow rate. The spray angle also plays an important role because the wider the spray angle, the lower its ability to cut through dirt.
  • Safety. Make sure you use proper safety gear like eye, foot, and hearing protection. The danger of a pressure washer is in its water stream, which can cut the body or inject toxins into the bloodstream. If you use detergents, it may be necessary to protect exposed skin and to use a respirator to prevent inhaling cleaning agents.

Talk to your pressure cleaner dealer about exactly what you need and you will walk out the door with the best model for your farm.