Buying or Forklift Hire Bendigo

What better endorsement for a business than a happy customer?

At LTS we recently sold a TCM forklift to Manchester Tank to replace an older model. Manchester Tank is a leading manufacturer of low-pressure cylinders for LP, gas, air, forklift and refrigerant applications so they were in need of a quality, hardworking forklift to get the job safely and efficiently completed.

The TCM model is rated highly among the Manchester Tank maintenance team. The TCM is renowned not only for its reliability and simplicity, it is a robust workhorse – necessary in a forklift for this type of industry. The forklift was fitted with a side shift and a fork positioner to allow for maximum versatility and safe handling of products whether it is pallets, stock or skips. The forks can be moved in or out hydraulically so the operator does not have to leave the driver’s seat – a great time saver in any industry.

While buying a forklift is not necessary the most cost effective option for all clients, why not look at forklift hire Bendigo, a great way to relieve the pressure for infrequent or seasonal jobs.