Bendigo Forklift Hire for Wineries

Bendigo is awash with fantastic wineries and vineyards – it is a region renowned for producing some excellent wines since the first vines were planted in the region in 1856. Now some 40 wineries and vineyards are sprinkled throughout the area taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and granite soils.

Once a labour intensive industry, viticulture and winemaking have gradually become mechanised over the years although some vineyards keep with a more traditional hands-on approach to winemaking techniques. With either approach, one modern day piece of equipment that is needed in any winery is a forklift.

Lifting pallets of fruit, wine barrels and the occasional tank are all necessary in smaller boutique wineries, yet are not done as frequently to require buying a forklift. That is where Bendigo forklift hire comes into action so you can hire a quality forklift during those busy times. All of our forklifts undergo Bendigo forklift servicing so you are definitely hiring a top working vehicle. So why not use forklift hire as a great option when tackling busy times at a winery?