Regular forklift servicing Wagga Wagga

Don’t compromise on safety

April was an eye opening month for us in the forklift industry as we received an unwelcome reminder about the importance of forklift safety. With WorkSafe Victoria issuing a strong forklift safety warning following one serious incident and three prosecutions last month, it’s time for everyone to look at their forklift safety procedures.

The incident involved a truck driver being hit by a reversing forklift resulting in him undergoing surgery, the same week three companies were issued $20,000, $15,000 and $100,000 fines respectively for failing to provide a safe workplace. Read the full article in Logistics and Materials Handing for more detail.

All of these incidents are a sober reminder of how things can easily go wrong when a workplace or staff become complacent. No industry can afford to slacken off on forklift safety and forklift training for staff. A major part of your safety plan should also involve keeping your forklift in top working order.

We encourage all our customers in the northern Victorian regions we service to come in and ensure they have regular forklift serving Wagga Wagga. While we are located in several locations throughout Victoria, we are focusing on the Wagga Wagga area first so all forklift users in all industries are reminded of their safety requirements.

Whatever you do, don’t compromise on forklift safety.