Trusted pallet racking suppliers for Wagga Wagga clients

At LTS Equipment, we are proud to be the pallet racking suppliers Wagga Wagga businesses trust for quality storage options.

Nowadays, versatile storage with easy access to merchandise is vital for many businesses. Big or small, they need an efficient, space-saving system to store their items so they’re safe, readily available and easy to distribute.

And the answer for many of our clients is quality pallet racking. No matter whether you need an entire warehouse for storage or a wall of racks to handle your stock, our friendly team can help.

As pallet racking suppliers for Wagga Wagga, we offer our clients the option of rent to buy. You can also count on us to handle your racking installation as well as any necessary maintenance and repairs down the track. That gives you peace of mind that your storage system will perform at its optimum level throughout the year.

Pallet racking is a great way to add value to your business through increased efficiency and improved safety and storage of stock. It’s also incredibly versatile, giving you the option of creating a single or multi-level storage system. The system, which centres on palletised goods, supports high stacking and is popular across the world for good reason.

Safe and efficient

Pallet racking systems include:

  • Selective racking systems;
  • Double deep racking;
  • Push back racking;
  • And drive-in racking.

When you adopt this type of storage for palletised loads, all you need is a forklift to lift and move your stock. It saves time, is safe and makes your stock easy to access with the right equipment. It also helps your business operations to run smoothly and productively.

When it comes to pallet racking suppliers Wagga Wagga businesses know who to call. And that’s us – LTS Equipment. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly crew for more information on this quality storage system.