TCM Forklift for Ron Crouch Transport

Client: Ron Crouch Transport / Geoff Crouch

Ron Crouch Transport has

used a variety of forklift brands over the years, from Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nichiyu, Hyster, Toyota and TCM. The TCM forklifts delivered in November 2013 in their Wagga Wagga and Laverton, Melbourne branches along with a depot in Sydney have been the second round of TCM’s that the managing director Geoff Crouch has implemented into his operation.

“I based my decision on experience, with our punishing environment and high usage hours we now exclusively use the TCM product and LTS equipment for our forklift supply,” he said.

Ron Crouch Transport market their company as “Transport you can trust.” TCM and LTS equipment work with Geoff, management, and drivers to ensure their material handling equipment is in line with their vision, offering the best combination in reliability and low running costs.

Together Ron Crouch Transport, LTS equipment, and TCM have built a strong relationship on trust and reliability.