How to keep your forklift in premium condition with the Bendigo forklift servicing experts

Like any piece of machinery, whether it’s one forklift or a whole fleet, a forklifts are a significant investment for any business. Therefore it’s important that you focus on keeping your forklift in the best condition possible to ensure it can continue to serve your business for now and the future.

Our team at LTS Forklifts are specialists when it comes to forklifts servicing in Bendigo. We will carry out a comprehensive safety and performance check of all forklifts you bring in for servicing, ensuring that all workplace safety requirements are met, as well as testing whether or not you’re getting the maximum performance out of your model.

Regular forklift servicing is crucial for your forklift to remain in peak condition for as long as possible. A forklift should be treated the same as a car, truck or any other type of machinery. Without regular servicing it can easily break down, causing major inconvenience to your business and potentially costing you thousands in repairs.

How to prevent expensive forklift repairs

At LTS Forklifts we won’t just service your forklift and then send you on your way. We’re committed to ensuring our clients get the most out of their machinery for longer. Which is why we can help you develop a pre-start or pre-shift checklist so that you can make sure that all components of the forklift are operational before starting work with the machine.

Incorporating this as part of a series of routine checks will allow you to get on-top of any issues the forklift may have before it snowballs into something that will start to cost you money in the future.

To book you forklift in for a service in Bendigo get in contact with the team at LTS Forklifts. We will have your forklift back and performing optimally in no time.