Get that job done by hiring our forklift attachments

LTS Forklifts have a variety of forklift attachments for hire to help you get all kinds of jobs done that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. We all know the terrible feeling of inconvenience when you hop into your forklift to complete a job only to realise you don’t have the right forklift attachment to get the job done. Or perhaps there is a job on site that you don’t even realise that you could get done with your forklift.

Luckily, LTS Forklifts have you sorted with a range of forklift attachments from our Bendigo, Echuca, Wagga Wagga and Shepparton depots. If there’s a job that needs doing we can assist you in getting it done.

Whether you need a container access ramp to get into those tricky to get to places, a jib attachment to hook onto to objects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to pick up, a wheelie bin emptier or a dirt bucket, we have that and more. You can turn your forklift into a mini crane, bin truck or digger. It really surprises people just how versatile a forklift could be.

With our attachments you have everything a forklift could possibly accomplish at your fingertips and at a great price! We can also deliver them to your work site Australia-wide just in time to get the project done. No longer will you have to outsource jobs paying for machinery, labour or both. Simply hire one of our attachments and you’re ready to go!

Contact us to find out more or have a look at our full range of forklift attachments for hire. All of our forklift attachments are of the highest quality and are built to get the job done.