Why Kärcher pressure washers beat the competition

Why choose Kärcher pressure washers over other brands on the market? Simple. The Kärcher brand is synonymous with pressure washers, having developed the first European model in 1950. And in the years since, Kärcher continues to be an industry leader, world-renowned for innovation and experience.

Our team recently attended the 2017 Kärcher dealer event in Stuttgart, Germany to learn all about the latest developments, products and technology advancements, including EASY!Force. Once again, Kärcher has revolutionised high pressure cleaning in their industrial range of pressure washers.

EASY!Force technology puts the control firmly in your hands – reducing the holding force of the operator to zero, for easy and efficient cleaning. We’re excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to our showrooms, reducing worker fatigue over longer periods of time to make everything from heavy-duty industrial cleaning to menial daily cleaning tasks easier.

No matter the type or scale of cleaning, we stock a huge range of Kärcher pressure washers, including:

  • Cold water electric – lightweight, reliable choice for most industrial and commercial cleaning needs.
  • Hot water electric – available with the cost-effective and environmentally friendly ECO mode.
  • Cold water diesel – ideal for economically cleaning large industrial areas where there is no access to electricity.
  • Hot water diesel – combines hot water with a diesel-powered engine for cost-effective, heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Cold water petrol – reduces water wastage for maximum cleaning effectiveness and efficiency over large areas.
  • Hot water petrol – extreme cleaning power works well in well-ventilated industrial areas.
  • Cold water stationary – high-powered, compact design maximises manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • Hot water stationary – highly effective sanitising in small areas, without the need for harsh chemicals.

We can also supply spare parts for most models. Please contact us to find out more about why Kärcher pressure washers are a great investment for your business.