Tips to make the most of your Bendigo forklift hire

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality forklift hire for Bendigo trades and businesses. While all machinery that goes out through our forklift hire service is in impeccable working order, we encourage all operators carry out frequent inspections while they have the forklift.

At LTS Forklifts, we offer short-term and long-term forklift hire in Bendigo, therefore there is always the likelihood that the condition of a machine will change. We recommend performing a quick inspection every time you go to use a forklift to ensure safety of operators, goods and the public.

A daily pre-shift or pre-start inspection of a forklift can identify problems before they worsen and ensure it is ready to operate safely and effectively. This could include an inspection of air filters and air cleaners if the forklift has been operating in dusty conditions. Each forklift we hire out at LTS Forklifts in Bendigo will have a manual with further inspection recommendations, such as damage or faulty operation, fuel and coolant leaks or checking the function of operating lights.

We recommend carrying out a walk-around visual inspection every day, including everything from tyres to oil and fluid levels. All Bendigo forklift hire clients should also undertake an operating inspection, checking things such as brakes, seatbelts and steering wheels.

It is crucial that you document, sign and date inspections for your records every time they are carried out in the event you are ever audited. This should be the case whether your company has its own forklifts or you have hired them.

For more information on our Bendigo forklift hire service or on forklift safety, don’t hesitate to contact LTS Forklifts.