Hot washers benefit industries across Victoria

Hot washers provide an array of benefits for industries across Victoria, with their high-pressure, high-power and sanitising abilities, hot washers are perfect for industries where sanitation, grease and oil are concerns.

Hot-water cleaning is required for the food and beverage industry, so food and beverage manufacturers can continue to produce and sell food and drinks that are not only high-quality in terms of freshness and taste, but also safe for consumption. Hot washers are also excellent for work sheds and warehouses where grease and oil are present, such as automotive workplaces. Hot water will help disperse grease and oil, and when combined with the relevant detergent, can remove it altogether.

Victoria is home to a plethora of award-winning food and beverage manufacturers, such as winemakers, cheese producers, olive oil producers, and many more. The good news is, our hot washers have a range of attachments available to clean equipment with internal cavities, such as wine barrels and large commercial food storage containers.

If you need hot washers in Victoria, please contact us to discuss your industry so we can recommend the best cleaning equipment and attachments to suit your specific needs. We can discuss your needs by phone and then organise delivery to your location anywhere in the state.