Regular forklift servicing is important!

Just like your car, a forklift needs regular servicing to ensure it continues to work at its optimal level, providing you with the best fuel economy and lower repair costs over its lifetime. The experienced and professional crew at LTS Forklifts are your forklift servicing specialists and can carry out servicing and preventative maintenance to keep your forklift operating at this optimal level. At LTS Forklifts we have built an entire business around forklifts so when you book forklift servicing with us you can rest assured we know the components and potential problems inside and out. We will keep your machines working in peak condition with specialist forklift servicing.

In between scheduled servicing, there are some things you can do to make sure you are helping to keep your forklift in great condition. One is to perform a check each and every day the forklift is used. If a forklift is used every day, then a daily check is required. If a forklift is used once every other day, then the check is performed on the morning it is required, and so on. By carrying out daily checks, you help to ensure the forklift is in a safe condition to carry out the various operations it will be used for.

As forklift servicing specialists, we would recommend the following checks are included on your daily checklist:

  • Wheel and tyre condition and pressure
  • Clean lighting both internally and externally, including safety lights and headlights
  • Secure overhead guard in place
  • Hydraulic system and fluid levels checked.

By carrying out a simple check of various components and parts of your forklift, you will help to keep it working well and extend its working lift. Add this checklist to the regular servicing carried out by LTS Forklifts – your forklift servicing specialists – and you will have a forklift that goes the distance.