What’s the difference between Jetfire and Spitfire heaters?

We get asked this question all the time! We have stocked Spitwater products for well over a decade and proudly continue to do so. Spitwater Australia manufacture two ranges of heaters, the Jetfire range and Spitfire range.

Jetfire heaters are LPG-fired and suitable for commercial applications such as warehouses and factories and other well-ventilated workplaces. The do have fumes and flames present, so they must not be used in small or confined spaces, or even large spaces with poor ventilation.

Spitfire heaters are diesel-fired and suitable for industrial applications such as automotive garages, paint shops and other potentially flammable workplace environments. Diesel-fired heaters have no fumes or flames present so they are perfect for flammable environments where chemicals such as paint fumes might be present.

Both the Spitfire and Jetfire ranges of Spitwater heaters are suitable only for commercial and industrial applications, not domestic use.

Our heaters are robust, portable and powerful – helping you address safe and comfortable working conditions for your staff, particularly over winter. Extremes in temperature are a workplace hazard and can affect staff performance, contact us for advice on the most appropriate heater for your workplace.