Rack Sentry® – Protection From Forklift Impact on Racks

LTS Forklifts are now stocking Rack Sentry® Protection Products at each of our Bendigo, Albury and Echuca branches. The Rack Sentry® minimises rack damage by absorbing the force of forklift and lift truck impact. This is a great way to increase safety, reduce rack and stock damage saving time and money for all of our customers regularly using lift trucks and forklifts.

Tougher than your forklift

Rack Sentry® is a patented product moulded from a semi-flexible and stress-crack resistant plastic. Nine pockets strategically placed throughout Rack Sentry® are angled to deflect impact energy away from the rack. Rack Sentry® surrounds rack legs and protects them from damage at all angles.

Easy to see

  • Bright Safety Yellow
  • UV stabilized plastic prevents fading
  • Waterproof, easy to clean and removable for maintenance
  • Chemical-resistant and non-conductive
  • Easy to install

One person can install the lightweight Rack Sentry® in seconds. Simply position Rack Sentry® around any rack leg and fasten the self-gripping straps.

No tools required

  • Rack Sentry® is easily stackable for greater protection
  • Save time, labour, and the cost of other materials
  • Cheaper than repair or rack replacement
  • It protects your inventory and the structural integrity of your racking system.
  • No floor damage upon impact because it is not attached to the floor.
  • Costs a fraction of rack, floor, or inventory repair/replacement
  • A one-time insurance investment

Always on duty

  • Protects any rack under the harshest of conditions
  • Doesn’t stay dented-pops back to original shape after impact, ready to stand guard again

We are happy to give you a demonstration of the Rack Sentry®, come down and see us at LTS Forklifts or phone us on 1300 669 920.