New Phone System at LTS Forklifts

Happy New Year to all of LTS Forklifts valued customers. We trust that you all had a pleasant Christmas and we look forward to working with you throughout 2010. As customer service is important to us at LTS Forklifts, we recently installed a new phone system for our 1300 669 920 number and the main line in Albury. This means that when you phone us, at LTS Forklifts, we can deal with your enquiries promptly and efficiently.

We’d like to remind you about one of our more popular products – the Spitwater pressure cleaners. These high quality pressure cleaners are specifically designed for washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting. They are a highly valued product for use in domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and food production industries.

Whether you use a hot water, cold water or high temperature Spitwater high pressure cleaner, electric, petrol or deisel powered,  they make light work of a whole host of tough and gritty jobs – cleaning, descaling and disinfecting boats, trailers, paving, 4WDs, motor bikes, houses, heavy machinery and plenty more. They also come with a range of accessories to suit your particular use.

Phone us on our even more efficient 1300 669 920 phone line and enquire about Spitwater High Pressure Cleaners to get your next cleaning, descaling or disinfecting job done in half the time.