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Kärcher vacuum cleaners

Kärcher places a focus on research and development, engineering high-quality cleaning equipment for industrial and commercial use. Kärcher vacuum cleaners are no exception, harbouring innovative filter technology for exceptional cleaning.

Kärcher vacuum cleaners are versatile machines, available in a range of models, including:

  • dry only
  • wet and dry
  • upright brush-type
  • special vacuum cleaners, available with heat-resistant attachments.

Clean carpets with high volumes of traffic in commercial buildings with ease and tackle floods and liquid spillages indoors and outdoors before they become hazardous. Kärcher vacuum cleaners are built to last and will take the headache out of cleaning large or difficult-to-clean areas on a daily basis. We also offer Karcher vacuum cleaner hire.

Please contact us for help choosing the right cleaning equipment for your industry. We also supply Kärcher pressure washers Australia-wide.

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Carpet Cleaning Machines

Kärcher carpet cleaning machines are suitable for industrial cleaning jobs involving carpeted areas. Carpet fibres can be difficult to clean and refresh as they retain dust, dirt, food particles and more. Buildings with high-traffic carpeted areas such as schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and more require special equipment for a truly effective clean. Large carpeted areas…

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Steam Cleaners

Kärcher steam cleaners are suitable to use for a variety of professional and industrial cleaning applications. Steam offers effective cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals, making it a safe choice for public spaces, commercial kitchens, office furniture and more. The steam cleaning machine by Kärcher produces approximately 6000 litres of steam which lasts around five hours…

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Stand-On Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher stand-on vacuum cleaners offers ultimate convenience when cleaning for long periods over large areas. The stand-on model is suitable for hard floors and carpeted areas and comes with hose to reach smaller areas such as around, under or behind furniture. It is also easy to maneouvre and fits in lifts so you can clean…

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Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The Kärcher brand is known for innovation and excellence in the cleaning industry. Kärcher vacuum cleaners are revered by building service contractors’ for their superior suction, ease of movement and hardiness. The range of dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for daily cleaning tasks such as vacuuming carpets and hard floors in a range of industries…

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Upright Brush-Type Vacuum Cleaners

Dirty carpets are no problem with Kärcher’s upright brush-type vacuum cleaners. Retail and government industries will rejoice with high-suction power and ease of movement in order to clean high-traffic hallways, shop floors and much more! The brush is electrically-powered to literally “brush” out stubborn dirt and debris from carpeted areas. The vibrating electric brush will refresh even…

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Special Vacuum Cleaners

LTS Equipment are proud to cover your bases when it comes to cleaning floors in the toughest of industries. Where safety is an issue, you can trust Kärcher special vacuum cleaners to get the job done safely. They aren’t called “special” for no reason – they’re among the hardiest machines we’ve come across. From clean-up of…

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Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The Kärcher range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners is the ultimate in practical cleaning for almost every application both indoors and outdoors. From bone-dry floors through to a flooded warehouse and every level of dampness in between, these vacuum cleaners are highly-versatile. They are engineered to be stable even on uneven outdoor surfaces, and with advanced…

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