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LTS Equipment News

Karcher wine barrel cleaner demonstration

Barrel cleaner demo at Beechworth winery goes down a treat

January 30, 2019

The team at LTS Equipment recently traveled to winery, Sorrenberg Vineyard in Beechworth to demonstrate the Karcher BC 14/12 wine barrel cleaner. With the barrel cleaner performing well for all in attendance, as it decontaminated a wine barrel through the application of hot water and high pressure. This barrel cleaner is specially made through world-renowned…

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Why you should have your pressure washer serviced by the cleaning equipment experts in Bendigo

December 14, 2018

Pressure washers are fantastic products that are relied upon as the go-to piece of equipment for many cleaning jobs, in many industries from automotive to manufacturing and hospitality. Because of this, LTS Equipment offers comprehensive pressure washer servicing for Bendigo businesses for any pressure washer purchased from us, to ensure they remain in peak working…

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Tips on keeping your Shepparton warehouse clean with industrial cleaning equipment

October 1, 2018

Keeping your warehouse clean has never been easier with the use of LTS Equipment’s industrial cleaning equipment for Shepparton warehouses and factories. In order to keep a warehouse clean that often has forklifts, machinery and employees coming and going, you need to clean it regularly. When it comes to owning or managing a warehouse, dust…

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Karcher pressure washers

Karcher pressure washers a must-have for Bendigo businesses

June 14, 2018

When it comes to industrial cleaning equipment for Bendigo businesses, you really can’t go past a state-of-the-art Karcher high-pressure washer. When it comes to keeping a warehouse, car park or any other high traffic work space clean, a Karcher high-pressure washer is the most effective piece of equipment on the market. The beauty of a…

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Our industrial cleaning equipment a tidy solution

May 30, 2018

In today’s competitive world the pressure is on to keep your business clean. At LTS Equipment we’re happy to add even more pressure to the mix. But when we say pressure, we’re talking about the trusty pressure cleaner and that’s a positive for businesses big and small. Pressure cleaners, also called pressure washers, are robust…

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How to use the Karcher walk behind sweeper (Km 75/40 W BP)

April 17, 2018

The video below shows you how to use the Karcher Km 75/40 W BP walk behind sweeper. This unit is an industrial vacuum sweeper that provides dust free sweeping in nearly all environments. With the addition of a carpet pack, it can also be used as a vacuum sweeper on large carpeted areas.   See…

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Dirty business

April 13, 2018

I’ve got a problem with dust and dirt in my warehouse, what should i do? Are you handling or warehousing parts and products that must be kept clean? Are your employees picking up pallets and racking to clean around them regularly, or is dust just building up? Keeping a clean environment has many benefits to…

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Karcher EASY!Force? What is it?

March 8, 2018

Comfort Work doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, you don’t need to sacrifice your body to earn a few dollars, in today’s day and age we are more aware than ever at looking after ourselves for the long term. We eat better, try new diets, eat less junk food, smoke less, etc. etc. But what about…

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Karcher vacuum cleaners a top choice in Bendigo

February 25, 2018

While summer is usually about heat, we’ve had our share of torrential rain and even flash flooding over the past couple of months. All that water is often followed by a heavy-duty clean up. And that’s where LTS Equipment’s Karcher  vacuum cleaners in Bendigo are the perfect partner to get things back on track. If…

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Kärcher’s new, powerful, BV 5/1 Bp battery-powered Backpack vacuum

February 14, 2018

LTS equipment is now stocking Kärcher’s new, powerful, BV 5/1 Bp battery-powered Backpack vacuum. Being Lithium Ion powered, it is the first choice where narrow spaces make access difficult, whether in a cinema, on planes, buses, trains or even stairs. The clever, ergonomic and patented carrying frame with the Air Stream Comfort system makes for easy…

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