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LTS Equipment News

The game changing industrial cleaning equipment for Albury businesses

June 14, 2019

Cleaning equipment, whether you are in a workshop, warehouse or retail store, is essential – and LTS Equipment stocks the best on the market. Why choose LTS Equipment f your Albury business’s industrial cleaning equipment needs? LTS Equipment are firm believers in high-quality, industry-leading cleaning equipment. Whether you need a fleet of high-quality vacuum cleaners…

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Why all businesses in Albury should be using a high-quality pressure washer

May 25, 2019

Want to drastically cut down your cleaning time and save money on unnecessary chemicals? If so, then your business needs a pressure washer, but don’t settle for a cheap, unreliable model. LTS Equipment stock industry-leading, reliable Karcher pressure washers for Albury businesses, we supply pressure washers to a range of businesses throughout the region, from…

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All terrain articulated boom available for hire in Bendigo

April 16, 2019

16M working height LTS equipment’s brand new Haulotte HA16PX knuckle boom is now available for hire in Bendigo, and surrounding areas, if you’re in Melbourne, Echuca, Moama, Shepparton, Castlemaine, Ballarat, you name it, we can deliver it! Why hire with us We chose the Haulotte knuckle boom due to its unstoppable all terrain ability and…

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Why pressure washer servicing is a must for Echuca businesses

March 29, 2019

Like a car, truck, forklift or any other piece of machinery or equipment your business owns, servicing your pressure washer is essential to ensuring it continues to provide you with the results you’ve become accustomed to. When it comes to pressure washer servicing for Echuca businesses, LTS Equipment has the tools, parts and capabilities to…

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How to keep your machinery clean with industrial cleaning equipment

March 19, 2019

Whether you have a number of forklifts that need to be rid of dust from the warehouse or a fleet of trucks that you just cannot keep clean, the right industrial cleaning equipment can make a drastic difference. However, sometimes unique machinery and busy production schedules can impede the cleaning process of your industrial machinery….

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Why our ride on floor cleaners are taking cleaning to the next level in Bendigo

February 25, 2019

Own a warehouse, factory or any other type of industrial business and looking to up your cleaning capabilities? Want to increase efficiency? Clean better? And make cleaning more enjoyable? At LTS Equipment we specialise in making cleaning for industrial businesses in Bendigo as easy as possible. And it’s never been easier than with our range…

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Karcher wine barrel cleaner demonstration

Barrel cleaner demo at Beechworth winery goes down a treat

January 30, 2019

The team at LTS Equipment recently traveled to winery, Sorrenberg Vineyard in Beechworth to demonstrate the Karcher BC 14/12 wine barrel cleaner. With the barrel cleaner performing well for all in attendance, as it decontaminated a wine barrel through the application of hot water and high pressure. This barrel cleaner is specially made through world-renowned…

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Why you should have your pressure washer serviced by the cleaning equipment experts in Bendigo

December 14, 2018

Pressure washers are fantastic products that are relied upon as the go-to piece of equipment for many cleaning jobs, in many industries from automotive to manufacturing and hospitality. Because of this, LTS Equipment offers comprehensive pressure washer servicing for Bendigo businesses for any pressure washer purchased from us, to ensure they remain in peak working…

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Tips on keeping your Shepparton warehouse clean with industrial cleaning equipment

October 1, 2018

Keeping your warehouse clean has never been easier with the use of LTS Equipment’s industrial cleaning equipment for Shepparton warehouses and factories. In order to keep a warehouse clean that often has forklifts, machinery and employees coming and going, you need to clean it regularly. When it comes to owning or managing a warehouse, dust…

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Karcher pressure washers

Karcher pressure washers a must-have for Bendigo businesses

June 14, 2018

When it comes to industrial cleaning equipment for Bendigo businesses, you really can’t go past a state-of-the-art Karcher high-pressure washer. When it comes to keeping a warehouse, car park or any other high traffic work space clean, a Karcher high-pressure washer is the most effective piece of equipment on the market. The beauty of a…

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